Ice, Ice, Baby
Daily Candy - May 13, 2005
Recall, if you will, what you brought home from your last international adventure.

A French lover? Mastery of the German language? Of course not. You snapped up the really cultural souvenirs: key chains, postcards, and T-shirts.

Clever couple Stephanie and John Reitano invested a bit more wisely on a recent trip to Italy. When they realized that their hometown, Philadelphia, was lacking for genuine gelato, they decided to do something about it. Thus Capogiro Gelato Artisans was born.

Lucky for the rest of us, they now sell their made-from-scratch sweetness online. (It's not called the City of Brotherly Love for nothin'.) Scoop up exotic options like Lancaster mint and lime cilantro from as far away as, oh, Lansdale. Or go nutty over flavors like black walnut and macadamia nut.

So no matter where you are, you can have an authentic Italian memento.

Though it almost certainly won't last as long as a stolen hotel ashtray.

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