Spoon Me: Gelato, Better Than Sex
Vitals Woman - Premiere - Spring 2005
Talk about compulsively checking your mail. Capogiro Gelato Artisans' new Gelato for the Seasons service will allow you to ship six one-pint containers of gelato to your door four times a year. Using fresh local ingredients, the Philadelphia-based company eschews chcolate and vanilla in favor of more exotic blends; its Pera con Wild Turkey gelato contains Lancaster County bosc pears and bourbon; La Colombe Turkish Coffee gelato is brewed from a local grind with a cardamom infusion. The company currently makes more than 270 flavors, some strictly seasonal and all created in small batches. And since gelato contains only half the fat and calories of your average ice cream - it's true! - you can shamelessly indulge.

- Vitals Woman