Un Piccolo, Per Farvore
The Daily Pennsylvanian - April 17th, 2003
If you thought the only way to get authentic gelato was toiling away over a University of Bologna study abroad application, you're in for a treat. Since December, Stephanie and John Reitano have been scooping up gelato with the capacity to satisfy any Italiano's craving and simultaneously shame the likes of Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia.

A day behind the scenes at Capogiro begins with Stephanie's 5:30 a.m. arrival. For the next several hours, she'll toil away preparing the freshest and finest ingredients she and her husband can find to create gelato -- an Italian staple, something like ice-cream, which she spent months learning how to make in Italy.
From freshly picked local fruits to imported Italian nuts and chocolate, Stephanie understands that the best product comes from the finest ingredients. Boasting half the calories and fat of ice cream, Capogiro's gelato and sorbeto is produced with less air -- creating flavors so intense that Italians can consume it daily without any guilt.
Apparently Stephanie's quest to capture the artistry of authentic gelato has met with the approval of area Italians. On some days, Stephanie and John find that Italian is the prominent language of their customers.

In addition to gelato, selections including stracciatella (chocolate chip), nocciola (hazelnut), and burro marrone (brown butter), Capogiro also offers some substantial fare. Stephanie makes her own panini and imports pastries from such upscale locales as Le Bec Fin, Petit Four and Miel Patisserie.

But gelato is the main attraction. A medio gelato in a coppa (cup) contains three flavors of your choice and will cost you $5.50 -- if you prefer a cono (cone), add 25 cents. A piccolo has two flavors and costs $4.25 in a coppa, and a grande with four flavors is $6.75. Sure, it'll put a dent in your wallet, but it's cheaper than the plane ticket you'd need to find the same quality and taste elsewhere.

Capogiro's trendy atmosphere compliments its swanky prices. The soothing blue-toned surroundings are accented with garish, cosmic blue lucite egg chairs. The sun streaming in the large airy windows makes Philly's only gelateria the perfect destination for a lazy summer weekend morning. Just watch out for Stephanie's three adorable, but rambunctious toddlers, who she says "destroy the place on the weekends."