I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For...Gelato?
Pastry Art & Design - December 2005
Gelato is traditionally made with a relatively high proportion of natural flavorings such as fruit purees and pure chocolate. Most importantly though, it is frozen using a machine that incorporates though, it is frozen using a machine that incorporates as little air as possible-the key distinction between gleato and ice cream. The minimal air results in a very dense and intensely-flavorful product. Ice cream, on teh other hand, is processed with machines that whip a significant amount of air into it, so while the resulting product has the illusion of a lighter texture, it is actually much higher in fat (10-30% for ice cream versus 2-8% for gelato). It's easy to see gelato's potential in a country where 'taste great, less filling' is such a popular and enduring marketing slogan.

Tasting the much-celebrated Capogiro Gelato in Philadelphia is one way to experience this difference for yourself, and just one example of the various approaches that producers can