Not Just for Summer
La Cucina Italiana - February 2006
Capogiro Gelato is aptly named. In Italian, capogiro describes blissfulness, euphoria, or felicity. Some say their gelato induces gittiness, and i sincerely agree. From my first taste to my last desperate scrapings of the melted remains that coated the sides of the container, I couldn't get enough of this deliriously delicious, cold and creamy treat.

Ever since husband and wife team Stephanie and John Reitano first opened the doors of their Phildelphia gelateria, Capogiro Gelato Artisans, in December 2002, buzz of their scrumptious creations has spread rapidly. These two entrepreneurs have much to be proud of. For starters, they have developed personal relationships with local farmers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, who provide them with only the freshest hand picked produce. Also, Capogiro uses only grass-fed, hormone-free cows' milk, with which they make 27 varieties of their uniquely-flavored gleato, every single day.

And Stephanie Reitano is truly an artisan, a creator of genuinely authentic treat. And it's not just for hot summer afternoons anymore either; Capogiro's flavors span all four seasons of the year. To name a few, Capogiro whips up oranges with cardamom in the fall, persimmon in Winter, a Spring strawberry tequila sorbetto and a tangy lime cilantro in the heat of summer.

Stephanie sent us six freshly made-from-scratch flavors to taste and, excuse the cliche, but each one truly was better than the next. The cranberry and heirloom apple tasted like I had taken a bite of freshly baked cranberry-apple pie, the yogurt with lemon was the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and the pumpkin, with hints of cinnamon, tasted as if they had crammed a freshly baked pumkin pie directly into the pint. When we commented to Stephanie about how amazing the flavor of the pumkin was, she attributed it to the brilliance of her farmer! Log on to to try it for yourself. They'll deliver from San Francisco to Boston, and everywhere in between? - MG