Southwest Airlines Spirit
August 2006
"Capogiro means "growing dizzy" or "swooning" because something is so wonderful or beautiful."
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Wine Enthusiast Magazine
December 1, 2005
Some of Capogiro's most intensely flavored gelatos are made from wines and liquors...
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Cheese Reporter
Vol.131, NO.2 - Friday, July 14, 2006
"Capogiro Gelato combines produce, herbs, liqueurs and fresh milk to make gelato for northeastern chefs; over 100 flavors are available at gourmet grocers throughout the year.
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The New York Times
Dining In, November 9, 2005
There is nothing subtle about Capogiro's gelatos.
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June/July 2005
"These frozen delights are made in America but taste distinctly Italian"
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The New York Times
Wednesday, July 6, 2005 Dining Section
"Capogiro Gelato makes Lancaster lavender and a delicate honey gelato.."
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La Cucina Italiana
February 2006
"From my first taste to my last desperate scrapings of the melted remains that coated the sides of the container, I could not get enough...."
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O: The Oprah Magazine
June 2005
"Reitano creates heavenly batches of gelato and sorbetto..."
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Endless Vacation
March/April 2006
"Forget mass-market vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Give us all-natural, locally made bourbon butterscotch or wild berry lavender."
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Bon Appetit
April 2006
Capogiro Gelato offers lemongrass, tahini and Thai coconut milk.
Women's Wear Daily
July 2005
So What's Cool Now?
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AM New York
AM Eating Well Wednesday, August 10, 2005
The gourmet sorbetto by Capogiro comes in refreshing blueberry thyme and tangy lime cilantro flavors.
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Town and Country
July 2005
"These Italian-style ice creams are indispensable to a well-stocked freezer."
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Organic Style
June 2005
"You've never experienced ice cream as good as this..."
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Daily Candy
May 13, 2005
"Scoop up exotic options like Lancaster mint and lime cilantro from as far away as, oh, Lansdale.."
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Vitals Woman
Premiere - Spring 2005
"Talk about compulsively checking your mail. Capogiro Gelato Artisans' new Gelato for the Seasons service will allow you to ship six one-pint containers of gelato to your door four times a year...."
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Food and Wine
August 2005
"Capogiro Gelato Artisans...churn out creamy gelati like honey cumin and silky sorbetti..."
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Food and Wine
March 2005
Capogiro Gelato Artisans, which offers daring flavors like a cilantro-and-lime mix.
Philadelphia Weekly
May 5th, 2004
At Capogiro, [gelato] appears in a variety of flavors no ice cream would dare approach. How about prune armagnac, full of prunes swollen with fine French brandy?

Or Mexican chocolate, powerfully flavored with canella (pungent Mexican cinnamon), bitter almonds and dried ancho chiles that make the back of the throat tingle.
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New York Post
April 20th, 2004
The Reitanos' use La Colombe in a handful of their blends, and while the cappuccino is terrific, a combination of the banana and peanut butter gelato (made from peanuts roasted in-house) is unforgettable.
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Burlington County Times
July 30th, 2003
It was with understated pleasure that I discovered a new artisan gelato cafe.

Capogiro serves an impressive array of 27 flavors, homemade fresh daily. Walk in, and you never know what will be in the case.
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Philadelphia Magazine
Best of Philly, 2003
The highest level [of gelato making] - artisanal - is how John and Stephanie make Capogiro gelato.

That means daily, in small batches with top-notch ingredients, strictly adhering to the Italian notion of locality.
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Philadelphia City Paper
December 11th, 2003
The flavors at Capogiro are a surprise, particularly for those accustomed to commercial ice cream.

The hickory nut gelato, though rich and buttery, tastes like a truer, cleaner, lighter butter pecan ice cream. Pumpkin gelato is rich and deep-flavored, with some spice and seemingly none of the fatty ingredients of your favorite pie.
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Inquirer Magazine
February 2004
It is the larger proportion of milk (rather than cream) that distinguishes gelato from regular ice cream.

So even with half the fat and calories, you end up with a creamier, richer, far more intense experience. It's a miracle. Like a kiss.
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Philadelphia Style
May/June 2004
Every choice is perfect. Be adventurous and try the green tomato (yes!), avocado and rhubarb.

Then go back again for kiwi, coconut and mango topped with chili powder.
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The Daily Pennsylvanian
April 17th, 2003
Apparently Stephanie's quest to capture the artistry of authentic gelato has met with the approval of area Italians. On some days, Stephanie and John find that Italian is the prominent language of their customers.
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AAA World
September/October 2003
The Reitanos offer exquisitely executed versions of flavors you'd expect - chocolate, pistachio, vanilla. But they also offer fanciful tastes that surprise. From zingy lemon and purple basil sorbetto to olive oil gelato (it's a mouth-feel thing), there's always something unique to try.
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Philadelphia Style
July/August 2003
I took advantage of the fact that Capogiro offers free samples and tried the Gianduia, a chocolate hazelnut gelato. It immediately melted in my mouth - pure chocolate and hazelnut, no ice crystals, no false aftertaste.

So why haven't I had ice cream like this before?
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National Geographic Traveller
November 2003
The creamiest gelato you'll taste this side of Capri is made fresh daily in 27 flavors both traditional and original, from hazelnut and pistachio to bitter chocolate and blood orange.
Pastry Art & Design
December 2005
"...Capogiro painstakingly produces and hand-packs its products from scratch on a dalily basis, just as the finest gelato is traditionally made in Italy."
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September 2008, The Style Issue
I scoop my Espresso Noir into a bowl. I dip my spoon expectantly. It is the quintessential-no, the Platonic ideal of-iced coffee, with flecks of ground beans and the hit of Whiskey. If I paired it with a little of the deep chocolate Scuro, it would be perfect film noir, a Chandler private eye in the company of a blonde in a black veil. To paraphrase: "She's dark and lovely and passionate. And very, very kind."
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La Cucina Italiana
Summer Special, August, 2008
Short of flying to Italy, buying authentic gelato is quite the challenge. If you're craving a creamy confection, seek out Capogiro, a Philadelphia based gelataria run by an Italian native who stays true to the ice cream's tradition and methods. The store makes more than 250 flavors of gelati and sorbetti, all from fresh and seasonal ingredients, and will ship to your home.
October, 2007
"The owners’ commitment to this region is demonstrated by their support of the local, state and regional economies, including the use of fresh ingredients from fruit and dairy farmers in Lancaster County; plans to move to a larger manufacturing facility; and the opening of five additional retail locations over the next three years."
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New York Magazine
August, 2008
"...another arriviste from the City of Brotherly Love, for a hot-weather Philly special. "
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Meal Ticket
Beer Week! March 2009
"You can always count on Capogiro Gelato Artisans to turn an unlikely raw material into a treat of otherworldly flavor."
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Of Sugar and Snow, A History of Ice Cream Making
Book by Jeri Quinzio
"Avocado is old hat"
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Everyday With Rachel Ray
September, 2009
This gelato parlor brings the local/seasonal movement to frozen desserts.
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